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The Academy will consist of three schools targeting specific training needs. The three schools are as expounded below:-

The three schools are as expounded below:-
Employee Development School: competence and skills development for employees
Dealer Development School: competence and skills development for dealers staff and management
School for Social and Community Development: Provision of both technical and non-technical courses in support of strategic corporate social responsibility activities

Our state of the art facilities will utilize both public and private training resources to efficiently and effectively implement and support the training programs. There will be future plans of introducing incubation centres geared towards helping youth in actualizing their innovations.

Guiding Principles
The Academy shall provide a strong leadership to design and carry out professional, high quality training programs and shall be guided by the following principles:-
• All training curricula must be standardized in order to provide accurate and consistent information to all and comply with statutory mandates
• Continuously partner with stakeholders in the design and implementation of effective training programs
• Curriculum design shall be based on the knowledge and skill sets necessary to perform specific functions
• Apply a variety of methods to deliver training and use of appropriate technology
• The training programs should be dynamic and subject to continuous quality improvement


*It should be noted that some tasks will be performed simultaneously.

The programs we offer shall include a process of ongoing evaluation and improvement and shall reflect changes in program requirements, policies and practices. The Academy will provide leadership to design appropriate feedback and input mechanisms to the training program to ensure that it is dynamic and responsive to the evolving needs of the trainees.

Selection and Recruitment
Trainees will apply online into the Toyota Kenya Academy Portal. They will be registered in the database with details on the various professions to assist in future networking and matchmaking. All trainees will go through a formal orientation course. The trainees shall then go through a pre-assessment to qualify them to join the Academy to ensure that their gaps are addressed during the training sessions and then enrolled into the School for Social and Community Development. Trainings will be done on a modular basis to ensure that the Trainees are able to use their learning experiences in the work place

Monitoring and Evaluation
The programs will be structured to enable follow up during and after completion of training. The trainees’ expectation of the training is an important part of the evaluation of the program.
During the Course, the Trainees will receive business advise and consultation on issues affecting their businesses and at the same time monitoring their learnings from the training sessions. We will also give the trainees opportunities to visit established entrepreneurs to expose and motive them during the program.

Pre Assessment Evaluation
• Current competences by trainees to identify their areas of strengths
• Expected outcomes from training

Training Session Evaluation
• Extent to which the identified training needs objectives achieved by the programme
• Extent to which the trainees objectives achieved
• What specifically did the trainees learn
• What commitment have the trainees made about the learning they are going to implement on their return to work

Work Place Evaluation
• How successful were the trainees in implementing their action plans
• To what extent were they supported by the Trainers
• To what extent have the action plans listed achieved a Return on Investment (ROI) for the organization, either in terms of identified objectives satisfaction or, where possible, a monetary assessment

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