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As part of Company’s corporate social responsibility, TKA will partner with various recognized institutions, specialists and industry in the provision of skills and curriculum development.

The faculty sourcing is based on competencies for the courses offered at the Academy. We are working with accredited institutions that have good staff allocation for the courses and are specialized in continuous adult learning education to support the communities. They will also be able to carry out monitoring and evaluation of the students and offer wrap-around services that include mentoring and coaching, follow up clinics, field trips and networking events.

TKA will use competency-based training with an emphasis on the workplace application of knowledge and skills. This will allow the apprentices and trainees to move through their apprenticeship or traineeship efficiently while maintaining an emphasis on quality of work. Progression occurs as the apprentice or trainee attains competence rather than by serving time. When provided with an adequate range of workplace tasks the apprentice or trainee will have the best opportunity to develop the necessary skills to achieve desired competency levels and complete their apprenticeship or traineeship
The Academy will use the modular training approach based on control of education and allows one to detect and identify gaps at the beginning and also during the learning and at the end. This also allows for the training to be spread over time, to process into partial validations (obtaining one or several modules before the final certificate). This combination allows the trainees to achieve their goals (qualification or certificate) by following a personalised path and to use the learnings of the training and return to the business in a practical way to ensure self-learning and self-evaluation. It is appropriate with continuous training and tools of lifelong learning as it allows validation of skills module by module and de-compartmentalizes the pathways of successful training.

Below is an outline of the methodology:-

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