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Kaizen “Continuous improvement” concept originates from Toyota Japan when Toyota implemented quality control leading to the development of Toyota’s unique “Toyota Production System” (TPS) in 1990s. Japanese way of bottom up improvement activities have been adopted and practiced in the world since 1980s as “Kaizen.” Kaizen is a hallmark of TPS. Kaizen brings incremental positive changes to quality of service, products, technology, processes, company culture, productivity, safety and leadership.The aim of the training is to equip trainees with full understanding of Kaizen practices complemented with Genba (the site where activities are taking place) visits through the Kaizen Practitioner Course to implement Kaizen systems in the business


Kaizen 1 : Store – Before

Food items places in any order as purchased, difficult to access spices despite having a bin card to track stock



Kaizen 1:Store – After

Food items now arranged following the First In First Out System. It is easier and faster to pick items and manage overstocking visually and with the bin card






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