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What is TST21?

TST21 or Toyota service technician for 21st century is a training conducted by Toyota Kenya Limited, through the Toyota Kenya Foundationwith the aim of developing the skills of the non-skilled youth in latest automobile technology.

Target group

The main aim of TST21 training is to upskill the “Jua-kali” Apprentice/Technician.

Expected out come

Toyota Service technician:- technicians who can carry both minor and major service on Toyota Models

TST21 LEVEL 1 - Qualification requirement

  • KCSE Certification
  • No tertiary qualification in Automotive
  • More than six (6) month’s hands on vehicle experience
  • Under 26 years of age
  • Available for training in Nairobi (Toyota Kenya Academy) as per the training calendar
  • Good communication skills and Proficient in English
  • Basic Computer skills
  • Interest in automotive engineering

TST21 Training Charges

A candidate is expected to cater for the following:-

  • One time admission Fee of KSHS. 8500/= (this will cater for 2 overalls, a pair of safety boots and two safety caps)-payable only by the successful candidates
  • Transport to and from the training venue (Toyota Kenya Academy)
  • Accommodation during the training period



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