Agricultural value chain normally refers to the whole range of goods and services necessary for an agricultural product to move from the farm to the final customer or consumer. The term "value chain" has thus been used to characterize this interconnected, coordinated set of links and linkages that take place as products move along a continuum between primary production and the consumer.

The ability of the key agribusiness players - the agricultural producers, the businesses that provide supplies and services to the producers, and the businesses that add value to agricultural products - to respond to these changes will depend on the knowledge, managerial expertise, leadership ability, and creativity of agribusiness managers and leaders.

Exploring the Agri-preneurs Vision – 3 Days
Target – Idea Generators
The program offers an effective "how to" course for people looking to use business incubation to enable the start-up and growth of innovative agribusiness enterprises or interested in designing a new agribusiness incubator or strengthening an existing one. The training includes:-
• Create demonstration cases that catalyze new business start-ups
• Enable Agripreneurs to successfully establish and grow their businesses
• Help Agripreneurs manage risks associated with agricultural products
• Increase coordination between actors within target value chains

Starting up as an Agripreneur – 5 Days
Target - Start Ups
Aims to convey the fundamentals of agribusiness innovation, as well as exposing trainees to the variety of business models that exist and can be explored on value chains to transform their activities and businesses:-
• Understand the characteristics of an Agriprenuer 
• Appreciate the larger Agribusiness environment, the constraints, opportunities for innovation 
• Develop a profile of the business that makes them competitive

Scaling up as an Agripreneur – 5 Days
Target – Small and Medium Sized Enterperises 
To program enables participants to grow and innovate on their investment in agribusiness and be equipped with the appropriate skills and tools to pitch their value propositions to prospective investors:-
• Successful Traits of an Agri-preneur
• Revenue Streams & Cost Structure as a Means of Capturing Value & Enhancing Competitive Advantage 
• Impact Investment in Relation to Business Pitching - Social, Environmental and Financial Impact
• How to increase the value of a growing firm