Environmental Conservation

Toyota Kenya foundation approach on conservation of our environment

Save the Planet Program


The Toyota Kenya Foundation has been involved in numerous activities both in conservation, rehabilitation and enhancement of our environment over the years with the most recent activity focusing on rehabilitation of The Ngong Forest.We collaborate with different like minded individuals and organizations to achieve social and environmental benefits that help in unlocking financial, human and natural capital to assist in conserving our natural environmental resources

How we contribute

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Tree Planting

Over the years we have continuously participated and Sponsored Tree planting drives in various parts of the country with the Latest being in Karura forest and Ngong Forest
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Environmental Clean-up

A clean environment means a healthy environment, we have continuously partnered with the local Government, other corporate and learning institutions to do cleanup drives as well as educate our communities to keep the environment clean.
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Agro-forestry Training

As part of our agribusiness and agro-mechanization training we include units on agro-forestry to encourage our participants to practice environmental responsible farming as well as conservation farming for all our resources including water sources